Duty and Hope of A New Generation

යුතුකම සහ අලුත් පරම්පරාවේ බලාපොරොත්තුව

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Our vision is to make of a productive and sustainable environment for next generations to living in harmony with nature.

The mission of this project consists with followings,
- Make an environmentally friendly society
- Build environmental awareness among the society
- Leading to a better live life with the development of infrastructure


Project Timeline

Gather information from respective representatives.

Obtain permission from respective representatives.

Hand over the project proposal for needed parties

Announcement of the project among interest groups

Selection of OBA members to organize the project

Raise funds through fund raising sources

Purchase relevant equipment to conduct the project

Transportation of purchased equipment

Initiation / installation of the project

Hand over the completed project

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Project Details

Venue: Wilpattu National Park

Date: 30th August 2019

The Old Anandians' 125th Anniversary group has organized this project based on the theme "Duty and Hope of New Generation" for re-planting trees in Wilpattu National Forest Reserve.

Our objective is to provide a Solar powered tube wells for re-forestation system for trees planted around “Wilpattu National Park”. Initially we were planned to provide tree plants, but need of plant watering system/s has become the present requirement. Plants which have planted in recent past are in need of a proper the plant watering system, since “Wilpattu National Park is in a dry zone of Sri Lanka. Need of a proper watering system for the planted plants have become the major issue at the movement.

The overall project aims for replanting over 48 acres damaged in the “Wilpattu Forest Reserve” and just maintenance cost for this will be around 8.5 million rupees. 105 plants will be needed for planting for half an acre and a sufficient number of plants have already been donated by eco-friendly Sri Lankans.

Phase 01

100 Saplings

were planted

  • in Marichchikaddi and Sineth Nagar
  • on June 05
  • along with SriLanka Army

Phase 02

Water Supply

for 1 acre

  • in Marichchikaddi and Sineth Nagar
  • approx. 1.2M

Highlights from The 1st Phase